The Company LOCSTART invites you to discover below rental conditions and the method of reservation:

1 - Mandatory document:

An identity card for resident or a strange valid passport. The driver and any other driver licence additional (originals only).

** A credit card supported by another valid payment is required for the rental guarantee.

2 - Driver:

Only the designated in the contract driver can take the wheel and must be over 21 years old, the driver must have a validity of at least 2 years, this must be justified by original documents.

If a second driver is requested, that it must be present (e) in the departure . The tenant is responsible for on road to the parking lot.

3 - The car rental duration:

The rental period is calculated per 24 hours not fractionnable since the time of provision of the vehicle. The tenant undertakes to return the vehicle to the lessor at the date specified in the lease agreement, if you want after that date it will be you to ask for an extension to the landlord.

4 - Delivery / recovery:

Company LOCSTART you leaves the choice of the location or you want to take or return the vehicle (airport, Hotels, train stations... etc.). The use of vehicles on non-paved runways is absolutely prohibited.

5 - Method of payment:

Payment is required upon delivery of the vehicle.

** In case, by Swift bank transfer or by credit card.

** Our rates include unlimited mileage, maintains it the vehicle, the insurance, the lubricants off fuel delivery.

** Our tariffs are expressed in Euro.

6 - Insurance:

The vehicles are insured all risk. However, for any damage other than the theft of the vehicle, fire, breakage of ice, civil liability and transported persons (PAI), a non-redeemable franchise of 20% remains the responsibility of the driver where partial or full liability would be incurred. For any accident, a statement under 24 H and a finding under 48 H are mandatory.

7 - the surety:

The surety is required: either an imprint of the credit card must be left at the delivery, it will be returned to the return of the vehicle.

** For the rental car with driver a surcharge of 15 EURO per day.